Sonicake releases new affordable guitar multi-effects pedal Matribox II

Sonicake Matribox II
(Image credit: Sonicake)

Sonicake has revealed the second generation follow-up to its Matribox multi-effects and amp modelling pedal with the Matribox II, promising upgrades across the board and excellent value for its $229.99 asking price.

The specs certainly look good with 63 amp models and 93 pedal sims and are complemented by 61 onboard cab simulations and support for players to upload 15 impulse responses of their own. 

Sonicake says the unit features "upgraded white-box digital modelling technology" to deliver improves tones and is capable of running 10 simultaneous, editable effects modules. The bright colour screen could certainly help with that. 

In addition to a headphone out, aux in and USB connectivity for recording, the Matribox II also supports MIDI. And for jamming there's 100 drum rhythms included and a 90-second looper onboard.

Players have 99 factory presets to try out of the box, with 100 more available for their own presets. 

Find out more at Sonicake 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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