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Sonible’s smart:comp plugin chooses your compression settings so you don’t have to

Intelligent mixing plugins that do more of the heavy lifting for you are likely to play a big part in music technology’s future, but as products such as Sonible’s smart:comp demonstrate, that future is already here.

The latest in its smart range of processors, this is a spectro dynamic compressor that can set itself automatically. Its spectral compression algorithm continuously analyses the input signal across more than 2000 bands, promising to serve as an intelligent, ultra-high-resolution multiband compressor that dynamically smoothes out tonal imbalances.

Despite the complex calculations going on under the hood, smart:comp is designed to look and operate like a standard single-band compressor, with familiar controls on the interface for when you need to take manual control. There’s also frequency-dependent ducking in sidechain model; when smart:comp detects spectral clashes it dynamically ducks affected frequency regions of the input signal to avoid clashes.

You can buy smart:comp now for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and there’s also a 30-day demo version. The regular price is €129, but it’s currently available for €89.

Find out more on the Sonible website.

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