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Softube aims to deliver you the ultimate guitar rig with its new Amp Room

Softube (opens in new tab) has announced Amp Room – its new solution for guitar players looking for an extensive collection of classic amps (opens in new tab), cabs, pedals and studio effect models for recording with their DAW (opens in new tab).

Billed as a platform for album-ready guitar and bass sounds, Amp Room's features are extensive.

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There are six amplifiers (including official Marshall models), 16 cabinets, 10 effects pedals, three studio effects (including the American Class A channel strip as 2 modules), 8 utility modules, and 260 presets.

Amp Room is also compatible with selection of existing Softube plugins (opens in new tab), including amps, compressors and equalisers, as modules to enable players to patch in any studio tool they need for their signal chain. 

(Image credit: Softube)

You can also integrate previous Softube guitar and bass products including Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, and Amp Room Bundle.

(Image credit: Softube)

Softube has also announced the release of the Marshall Cabinet Collection—an Amp Room exclusive package of models based on eight classic handwired Marshall cabs.

The cabinets were recorded by producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah and also co-producer of acclaimed Toontrack Superior Drummer (opens in new tab) sample packs) with six mics, selectable as single options or mix-ready combinations.

Amp Room is currently available for a special price of €99 instead of €149 and is also available as a free trial version. 

For more info and to hear samples head over to (opens in new tab)

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