Slate Digital’s VMS ML-2 lets you model multiple instrument mics in your DAW

With its original VMS system, Slate Digital did a pretty good job of modelling a range of vintage microphones, and now it’s looking to perform a similar trick with the VMS ML-2. As before, this is a combined hardware/software solution, and comprises a small diaphragm microphone and a wide range of instrument mic emulations that are designed to be used with it, adding no additional latency so that they can be used for tracking.

This combination enables you to emulate not only famous dynamic mics like the ‘57’ and ‘421’, but also ribbon models such as the ‘121’ and other small diaphragm mics including the ‘451’ and ‘222’. In fact, large diaphragm mics are part of the package, too.

With the software doing the tonal legwork, the ML-2 is very much a blank canvas; it promises an ultra-linear response with no distortion. There’s also a Dynamic switch that can be engaged when you’re micing loud and transient-rich sources such as drums - this attenuates the mic’s output and repolarises the capsule, enabling you to use the mic in high SPL situations without overloading or saturating.

The VMS ML-2 is available now priced at $149/£149, while the microphone models can be obtained via Slate Digital’s new VRS Experience page. Here, you can download demos of the VMS mic plugins and a multitrack session that was recorded using the VMS mics and upcoming VRS8 interface.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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