Slate Digital and Murda Beatz team up for Murda Melodies multi-effects plugin

Slate Digital Murda Melodies plugin
(Image credit: Slate Digital)

Slate Digital have announced the release of an all-new multi-effects plugin developed in partnership with hip-hop producer Murda Beatz.

The plugin gives music makers access to eight effects knobs, which control a variety of audio effects, including pitch-shifting, reverb, delay, chorus, reverse and more. Interestingly, the knobs are labelled with graphic icons, with no text describing their exact function. 


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There's also two filter knobs, a Spread control for increasing stereo width, a Pitch Jitter control that spans four octaves, and a Wobble slider for recreating a "classic record wobble effect". Murda Melodies comes pre-loaded with 50 custom presets developed by Murda Beatz, that allow producers to get started on sculpting their sounds quickly and easily.

Murda Beatz has described the plugin as "the new cheat code to making beats". "I wanted to make something that was super easy to use," he said. "The presets are amazing, two clicks and you can find the most amazing way to warp a melody."

Murda Melodies is available for purchase as part of Slate Digital's subscription package, the All Access Pass. Visit their website to find out more.

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