Slash signature Ernie Ball slinky guitar strings announced

Ernie Ball
(Image credit: Ernie Ball)
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Slash has been a loyal Slinky man for decades - and Ernie Ball has now awarded him rare signature edition electric guitar strings (opens in new tab) in return. But they won't be around for long.

The 11-48 gauge strings reflect his preference for Power Slinky sets and are ideal for those who tune a half or even whole step down. But there's more going on with the spec here than just thickness.

Ernie Ball

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

The Slash custom wound Slinkys feature a Paradigm core wire and plasma-enhanced nickel-plated steel wrap wire with further strength and tuning stability is provided by heavier brass wire reinforcement at each of the ball ends.

Ernie Ball's Everlast nano treatment over the wound strings also helps to prevent tone killing contaminants between the wrap wire.

The signature strings are available in sets of three in a collectable tin box for $34.99 and can be preordered from Ernie Ball (opens in new tab) and US retailers including Sweetwater (opens in new tab)

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