Sir Brian May and Vox collaborate on affordable special edition amps: “I want people to be able to get the sounds you make in a stadium show into your living room, and these products achieve that"

Brian May with Vox MV50
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NAMM 2023: Sir Brian May's history with Vox guitar amps is well known and the AC30 can be heard all over his legacy with Queen, but now both parties want to bring that iconic sound to more players with the launch of limited edition MV50 and amPlug Brian May amp and cab sets.

“I want people to be able to get the sounds you make in a stadium show into your living room, and these products achieve that," says May regarding his new signature Vox MV50 and amPlug. "I hope that people find them inspiring.”

Brian May Vox amplug

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Because this is a mini headphone amp and compact head, the prices are affordable too. The amPlug is a headphone practice amp for taking May's classic sounds with you on the go – though a cab is available for it too. The MV50 is a mini head powered by Vox's Nuutube tech – a vacuum tube that aims to produce authentic AC30 tones. The MV50 also features a switchable Knight Audio Technologies treble booster – essential for the Sir Brian May tone experience. 

Vox MV50 BM amp

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“It's perfect for any smaller show, and if you want to put a mic in front of it, it'll do for your big gigs as well," says May of the MV50. "I wouldn't mind going on some future stadium gig and seeing how this shapes up.”

Now that's what we call a roadtest! 

Vox Brian May MV50

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The MV50's 50W output at 4ohms would certainly make it feasible for gigging. It also offers speaker emulation in the headphone/line out for quiet practice and recording.

Both the amPlug and MV50 are finished in the signature red associated with May's Red Special guitar are are available in the option of a in a special limited edition collector’s set, including matching speaker cab, keychain and postcards.

amPlug Brian May £54.99
amPlug Brian May Set £149
MV50 Brian May £259
MV50 Brian May SET £419

More info at Vox Amps

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