Shubb unveils the iridescent Paua Pearl guitar capo

Shubb Paua Pearl Capo
(Image credit: Shubb)

The guitar capo is an essential piece of kit for the acoustic guitar player but no two are alike. That's especially true of Shubb's new Paua Pearl Capo, which boasts a quietly spectacular iridescent finish.

Turn up at open mic night with one of these would be akin to firing up pyro and a laser lights show. And, as Shubb promises, no two of the Paua Pearl Capos will look at alike at any one time. 

Indeed, the colour of the unit changes with the angle of the light that is hitting it – a little like those fancy-schmancy limited run PRS Silver Sky models we see from time to time, though the finish on these capos is inspired by the pāua abalone shell.

The Paua Pearl Capo, however, should be familiar to those au fait with Shubb's Capo Royale series; it is built using the same durable titanium process and is built to last a lifetime.

It features a rubber press that applies pressure to the strings and clamps them as your index finger would – regardless of string gauge or fingerboard radius – with an over-centre locking mechanism to maintain perfect tension, a roller wheel for smooth action, and its adjustment screw will make it fit any guitar neck.

The Shubb Paua Pearl Capo is available now for steel-string and nylon-string guitars, priced $29.95. See Shubb for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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