See 78 guitarists and bassists unite with Jared Dines for huge shred collaboration

Jared Dines
(Image credit: Jared Dines / YouTube)

The word shred is bandied around a lot, but with over 36-minutes of it here, no other phrase applies. YouTube star Jared Dines has truly outdone himself here in his annual collaboration, this time with 78 other listed guitarists and bassists. A mind-boggling feat in theory, but wait until you hear the results!

We especially love the acoustic contributions here from Marcin and Richard Acker that help to pace the electric guitar fire; kudos to Marcin and Brandon Acker. And Ichika Nito's leftfield turn on a Casio Digital Guitar is unexpected!

But most strikingly, everyone here brings their A-game to the table.   

Here's the full roster of guitarists featured according to the YouTube listing: 

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