Ryan Adams is now covering Oasis's What's The Story album in its entirety (plus "all the b-sides")

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Ryan Adams put out his cover of Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks at Christmas, and a month before that it was Springsteen's Nebraska. Think he might be done, for a while at least? Nope – he's now posting covers of every song from Oasis's second album What's The Story (Morning Glory)? and the b-sides from the singles too. 

His 2003 cover of Wonderwall is already well established – and drew praise from its writer Noel Gallagher. Now, clearly warming to the theme of covering classic albums, he's picking up 20 years later to record the rest of the 1995 record – and Adams has confirmed he's rerecording Wonderwall too. 

Adams has also now posted a cover of Oasis fan favourite and Some Might Say single b-side Talk Tonight, while confirming he's going beyond expectations and making it a double album with "all the b-sides". 

It all began with an Instagram post with a cover of the album's first song Hello at the turn of the new year, and Adams later confirmed his full plans with a posting of Some Might Say. "This is a sneak of my new album, What’s The Story, Morning Glory which is just me exploring all those songs in my own way (yeah there’s gonna be another Wonderwall cover )," he stated on Instagram. "I love that song and this album so much.:

Adams is not releasing the songs  in original album order but here's every song from he's posted so far arranged that way – including the second take of Cast No Shadow (the first is above).

Some of these songs are titled in a way that suggests Adams is trying out multiple takes as a work in progress, perhaps before a final version of his What's The Story will be released to fans. 

Listen out for how much he sounds like Neil Young on the title track too. 


Don't Look Back In Anger

Hey Now

Some Might Say

Cast No Shadow (Take 2) 

She's Electric 

Morning Glory

Champagne Supernova (Take 2)

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