RockOutLoud at Gear Expo 2021

Using ZOOM for your Virtual Music Lessons? Tired of bad sound quality? Dropouts? Lagging? And the whole damn thing just not working right?

RockOutLoud.Live was made BY a Music Teacher FOR Music teachers.

The Top 5 Features that will provide you and your student the Ultimate Music Lesson Experience:

Feature 1: DUET Mode and HD Audio. Because uses Peer-to-Peer technology (the teacher's computer connects directly to the student’s computer), we are able to offer the lowest amount of latency possible compared to any other virtual platform in the world. Our DUET feature offers full 48k HD-Audio. This feature is called E.A.R. (Enhanced Audio Recognition) and is only available to paid subscribers.

Feature 2: Rock Out Loud provides a Full Duplex Experience, which means you and your student can talk (and play) at the same time! Unlike ZOOM or any other platform which provides a Half Duplex experience, where only one person can talk (or play) at the same time.

Feature 3: RockOutLoud.Live offers the world's first Musicians White Board to allow you to annotate music. You'll be able to pull up treble and bass clefs, notate, blank piano keyboards to teach chords and scales, tablature, blank chord charts for guitar and ukulele and so much more.

Feature 4: We've completely removed the parents from Music Lessons. You no longer need to send out an email after your full day of teaching to each of your students in hopes that the lesson you are emailing will get to your student. Often parents never get those emails, let alone print them out for their child to practice. RockOutLoud.Live's patented technology allows your students to download their music lessons in real-time directly to their computer, pc or mobile device. You no longer have to add additional time at the end of your teaching day to do the administrator's work of emailing lessons notes and practice material to your students.

Feature 5: As a paid subscriber you have access to 20 terabytes of sheet music all available for your students to download!

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