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Rig tour: Mamas Gun

If you’re a Motown fan - and if you aren’t, what’s your excuse? - and you’re seeking fresh soul sounds, you’d be well-advised to check out London’s Mamas Gun, who channel the smooth chord vamps and addictive melodies of that golden musical era.

The band recorded latest album, Golden Days, using analogue gear, and in this charmingly filmed VHS-style footage, guitarist Terry Lewis and drummer Chris Boot reveal the rigs they used to track the album and get those sweet, sweet tones.

We're digging Terry's Teles, Fuchs amp and well-stocked pedalboard, especially the Chase Bliss Audio gear, not to mention Chris's hugely desirable '50s kit.

You can hear all this gorgeous gear on Golden Days, which is out on 18 May via Candelion.