Revv Amplification launches the Generator MKIII Series, “the world's first stereo-direct-output reactive load and impulse response guitar amplifiers“

Revv Amplification Generator MKIII
(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Revv Amplification has unveiled the Generator MKIII Series – three high-gain heads that the Canadian company says are the first stereo-direct-output reactive load and impulse response guitar amplifiers.

The Generator MKIII Series is led by the mighty four-channel flagship 120 head, which boasts Revv's two high-gain Purple and Red channels and 120-watts of power. The MKIII 100R and 100P amps, meanwhile, offer 100-watts of power in a three-channel format, with the 100R featuring the Red channel from the 120, and the 120P featuring the Purple. 

Each of these channels has its own all-tube, independent EQ, with multiple voicings and switching options to further augment your tone. But what should set the Generator MKIII Series apart from its high-gain competitors is the onboard Torpedo technology, the product of Revv's continued collaboration with Two notes Audio Engineering.

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There is an embedded Torpedo stereo XLR output for sending your signal direct, while the heads can be programmed by MIDI, and the Two notes features edited via Bluetooth. 

Upload your own virtual cabs and mics and save your cab settings to presets that can be accessed via the MIDI footswitch or the rotary dial on the front panel.

The Two notes Twin Tracker allows you to route your mono signal to the left output while a doubled virtual signal occupies the right output. The marginal difference in attack and timing creates a thicker sound, which could come in handy if, say, you are a metal guitarist and you're laying down some super-heavy rhythm parts, or if you just want some your solo to sit better in the mix.

Developed over four years of research, Revv has revoiced their much-admired high-gain Purple and Red channels, and fitted the series with a new cut switch. 

There's a new Wide switch on the Blue channel for adding some lows and lower mids to fatten up your cleans, while the Green crunch channel features three different drive modes.

There are dual master volumes, presence and depth controls, and an all-new noise gate and digital reverb, both of which can be bypassed. There are also some welcome holdover features such as the Aggression button – always a fun button to press when you need a little more hair and teeth in your tone.

Under the hood there are five 12AX7 preamp valves with a quartet of 6L6GC valves in the power section. The output can be scaled down to 10-watts should you need those fire-breathing tones at lower volumes.

The Generator MKIII Series is manufactured in Canada and ships from 12 November 2020. The 120 MKIII is priced $3,299, the 100P and 100R at $2,699. 

See Revv Amplification for more details.

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