Revv unveils the Dynamis D40, a tube head with integrated Two notes Audio Torpedo technology promising “the truest vintage modern amp experience available”

Revv Dynamis D40
(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Revv Amplification has launched the Dynamis D40, a high-end tube head that marries modern digital technology with classic 20th-century guitar amp design for the best of both worlds.

Just as the Canadian brand did on its line-up of future-forward high-gain amps, it collaborates with Two notes Audio to integrate Torpedo cab sim technology within a traditional tube amp format, allowing players to select their preferred speaker cabinet emulation via a six-way rotary dial before sending their signal direct via Torpedo-embedded Stereo XLR outputs. 

All this of course makes the D40 eminently  practical on the stage or in the studio, and there are features – heaps of features – to make a player’s life easier. The wheat-coloured grille cloth and chicken-head dials certainly nail the vintage look. The number of controls on the front and amount of inputs on the back speak to the level of functionality that Revv have baked into this. 

Fundamentally, the D40 is a 40-watt head that’s switchable down to 10-watts, serving two independent channels, each with their own Bright switch and boost function. The first channel is where you will find “pure and sparkly” cleans, with edge-of-breakup tones as you crank it. Channel 2 is voiced for “fat, creamy gain”. 

Think blues-rock, classic rock. Also think pedalboard platform; the D40 has a “totally transparent” serial effects loop, and there’s a vintage-voiced digital reverb that’s controlled by Level and Depth controls on the rear panel. 

Indeed, there is as much going on on that rear panel as there is on the front, with pairs of four- and eight-ohm speaker outputs, and a single 16-ohm output too. 

Each channel has its own 3-band EQ, Gain and Master Volume. Presence, Depth and the reverb serve both channels. The headphones output is found on the front of the amp and has its own Level control for monitoring. The rear panel is where you’ll find the switch for the power scaling, speaker on/off mode, and there are external bias checking points for the tubes.

The D40 has all manner of connectivity options, including MIDI and USB-C, and it is equipped with Bluetooth, too. This, folks, is the amp that can give you old timey tube tones that can be augmented via the accompanying Torpedo app on your smartphone with new cab simulations, effects and virtual power amps. Many of the D40’s features are footswitchable.

The Dynamis D40 is made in Canada, and is available with a variety of custom Tolex options. See Revv Amplification for more details. It is priced $2,399.

Jonathan Horsley

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