Reloop's Spin is a portable turntable for scratch DJs

Reloop has announced a portable scratch DJ turntable called Spin, and we already want one.

The deck features a raft of connectivity options: Bluetooth, USB,  Aux in, two headphone outs, a master RCA output and built-in speaker.

To cope with a life away from the confines of a studio or DJ booth, the Spin also comes with various stability-ensuring features such as a stable tone arm with transportation lock, and anti-skid feet. True portability can be achieved by plugging into a regular USB power bank, or with the addition of two lithium-ion batteries, which are sold separately.

The deck comes bundled with a 7-inch scratch record, which contains professionally recorded samples for scratching, and a 45mm crossfader, which can be switched to either the right or left of the platter.

Spin is priced at €229.99 and includes the Super Spin Duck Looper app from DJ Babu and the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound. More details can be found on the Reloop website (opens in new tab).

Reloop Spin features

  • High-grade 7''-scratch-record: professionally recorded samples for scratching and beats for juggling
  • Bluetooth audio streaming: wireless streaming of music or beats to the device
  • Smart USB recording: direct recording of scratches & cuts to USB in MP3 format
  • Integrated speaker
  • 3 selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm)
  • Extremely stable tone arm with transport lock
  • Cartridge with excellent tracking features
  • Precise 45-mm-crossfader with two-rail glide technology
  • Crossfader can be installed on preferred side (both-way)
  • Two headphones connections for listening and monitoring
  • AUX input facilitates connection of several turntables (daisy chain)
  • Easy battery charging via USB PSU or USB power bank (sold separately)
  • Installed start/stop button
  • Precise speed adjustment via pitch control with +/-20 %
  • Tone control to adjust low frequencies
  • Volume control for AUX input and master/headphones
  • Power LED indicates the turntable's operational status
  • 7'' record puck adaptor with holder
  • Anti-skip rubber feet for secure stand
  • Can be operated with regular USB PSU (5 V, 2 A), USB power bank or batteries (sold separately)
  • Batteries can be inserted into battery compartment on the device's bottom 2x Li-Ion 18650 (sold separately)
  • Incl. 7'' scratch vinyl, pre-installed cartridge, slipmat, dust cover, puck adapter, instruction manual and Super Spin Duck Looper app
Simon Arblaster
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