Reloop's Spin is a portable turntable for scratch DJs

Reloop has announced a portable scratch DJ turntable called Spin, and we already want one.

The deck features a raft of connectivity options: Bluetooth, USB,  Aux in, two headphone outs, a master RCA output and built-in speaker.

To cope with a life away from the confines of a studio or DJ booth, the Spin also comes with various stability-ensuring features such as a stable tone arm with transportation lock, and anti-skid feet. True portability can be achieved by plugging into a regular USB power bank, or with the addition of two lithium-ion batteries, which are sold separately.

The deck comes bundled with a 7-inch scratch record, which contains professionally recorded samples for scratching, and a 45mm crossfader, which can be switched to either the right or left of the platter.

Spin is priced at €229.99 and includes the Super Spin Duck Looper app from DJ Babu and the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound. More details can be found on the Reloop website.

Reloop Spin features

  • High-grade 7''-scratch-record: professionally recorded samples for scratching and beats for juggling
  • Bluetooth audio streaming: wireless streaming of music or beats to the device
  • Smart USB recording: direct recording of scratches & cuts to USB in MP3 format
  • Integrated speaker
  • 3 selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm)
  • Extremely stable tone arm with transport lock
  • Cartridge with excellent tracking features
  • Precise 45-mm-crossfader with two-rail glide technology
  • Crossfader can be installed on preferred side (both-way)
  • Two headphones connections for listening and monitoring
  • AUX input facilitates connection of several turntables (daisy chain)
  • Easy battery charging via USB PSU or USB power bank (sold separately)
  • Installed start/stop button
  • Precise speed adjustment via pitch control with +/-20 %
  • Tone control to adjust low frequencies
  • Volume control for AUX input and master/headphones
  • Power LED indicates the turntable's operational status
  • 7'' record puck adaptor with holder
  • Anti-skip rubber feet for secure stand
  • Can be operated with regular USB PSU (5 V, 2 A), USB power bank or batteries (sold separately)
  • Batteries can be inserted into battery compartment on the device's bottom 2x Li-Ion 18650 (sold separately)
  • Incl. 7'' scratch vinyl, pre-installed cartridge, slipmat, dust cover, puck adapter, instruction manual and Super Spin Duck Looper app
Simon Arblaster
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