reFX Nexus 4 plugin released: the much-loved ROMpler gets a Black Friday boost

reFX Nexus 4
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reFX has released Nexus 4, the latest version of its hugely popular ROMpler, which specialises in creating pretty much every contemporary electronic music sound you could wish for. Launched in the midst of the Black Friday plugin deals madness, there are currently savings to be had on it.

Nexus 4 has an advanced librarian, which is designed to make it easier to catalogue your sounds and find what you’re looking for. Arpeggiator Deluxe enables you to access all 16 layer arpeggiators, along with the main arpeggiator, and there’s now full visualisation of the effects signal flow.

There are new effects, too - a glitch processor and an OTT compressor, for example.

The signal flow for each layer has similarly been visualised, making it easy to disable entire layers or adjust individual effects and oscillators.

reFX also says that the cloud sync feature has been improved, making it easier to get your content back when you install Nexus 4 on a new machine. There’s backwards compatibility with Nexus 2 and Nexus 3 libraries, and online activation means that no more dongles or third-party authorisation tools are required.

Oh, and because Nexus is all about presets, there are now 260 new ones. Preset loading times and CPU performance have been improved, too.

Available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, Nexus 4 is offered in three packages, each containing the plugin itself and an increasing number of sounds.

The Starter pack is yours for £224, but the better value options are the Value 10 bundle, which comes with the latest 10 expansions and more than 4,000 presets (currently £359), and the Complete package, which includes all 159 expansions, 20,000 presets and more than 150GB of samples (currently £1,978).

Get acquainted with Nexus 4 on the reFX website. 

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