Radiator Laser Synthesizer: the quietest synth around

Synth designer, Andrew Kilpatrick, has teamed up with Neon Captain to launch a new laser synth, but before you get too excited, it’s not your average synthesizer and it’s nothing like Flo Rida’s Beamz either.

Harking back to a bygone age when the laser show was an art-form and not just an automated light show, the Radiator Laser Synthesizer aims to bring back laser control to your fingertips.

The project is currently on Kickstarter is designed to work with freely available, low-cost laser projectors and be portable enough to fit in with most modern live performers existing setups.

Crowdfunding pledges include single products, laser bundles and the project runs until 8 August 2019. More info can be found on the Kickstarter and Neon Captain pages.

Radiator Laser Synthesizer specs

  • Laser synthesizer for live laser and vector graphics performances
  • Outputs full-bandwidth ILDA signals compatible with any standard mono or RGB ILDA laser projector - uses a standard DB-25 connector
  • Internal processing using the latest in embedded DSP technology
  • External control of radiator is possible via MIDI or Control Voltage (CV) input jacks
  • Daisy-chain multiple radiators together using MIDI for synchronized control
  • Audio output jacks (1/4") for hearing the actual laser signals!
  • Audio inputs jacks (1/4") for syncing radiator to music
  • USB host port for connection to small laser systems such as LaserCube
  • Ethernet port for connection to EtherDream laser DAC - permits long cable runs to projector
  • Small internal colour LCD screen for managing presets, configuration, and viewing a real-time preview of laser output
  • Internal flash memory for storing presets - can be uploaded and downloaded via web-based application
  • USB port for firmware updates, data transfer and MIDI connectivity to a PC or Mac
  • Solid construction with metal enclosure - outline approx. 38cm x 23cm (15" x 9")
  • Power supply included - offered with either US or EU-style plug (depending on your country)
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