Pro tips: how to play your guitar like a drum kit, according to Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl
(Image credit: Will Ireland / Future)

“I look at the guitar like it’s a drum set," famous sticksman / stringsman / singsman triple threat Dave Grohl told Total Guitar back in 2005. "The sixth string is the kick, the fifth and fourth the snare; I ring the G like it’s a hi-hat and I use the high strings like cymbals to accentuate a change. 

"When I play drums, I may use crash cymbals to bust through a chorus. I do the same with first and second strings, ringing out through a chorus to give it a sense of air.”

We like Grohl's thinking here so much we made a whole lesson around it called Foo For Thought (sorry).  Check it out below…

(Image credit: Future)

Grohl's tip is something to think about when you’re jamming out your own riffs. Just remember that the downpicking and palm-muting combo is all-important for that hard rock edge. In our riff above we’ve also transferred the guitar rhythm to the drums for that ‘locked in’ Foo feel. Enjoy! 

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