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PreSonus’s new FaderPort packs a lot of functionality into a little DAW controller

More than a decade on from the release of the original model - and following the launches of 8- and 16-channel versions - PreSonus has announced a new version of the FaderPort. This single-fader controller takes elements of the larger models and puts them into a compact device that houses a single fader.

It does sound like a decent fader, though; it’s a 100mm, touch-sensitive and motorised affair that, as well as adjusting levels, can be used for writing fades and automation in real-time. There are also 24 buttons that cover 40 different functions.

The new FaderPort is designed to help you work more quickly and efficiently. It offers a Session Navigator section that gives you easy access to eight ‘mission-critical’ functions, with the large 360-degree encoder button being useful for a multitude of tasks. There’s an optimised HUI mode for Pro Tools, and custom MCU operation modes for Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live. As you’d expect, you’ll also enjoy super-tight integration if you use the FaderPort with PreSonus’s Studio One DAW.

Find out more on the PreSonus website. The FaderPort should be available now priced at $199.95.

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