Positive Grid is releasing a special edition Pearl white version of Spark, but it won't be around forever

Positive Grid's hugely popular practice amp, Spark, is about to be re-released in a special edition Pearl version, but if you want to get your hands on one, then you'll have to hurry as we're certain this version won't be around for long.

The desktop smart amp first hit the headlines only 18 months ago, promising a jam-packed feature set alongside 40-watts of power and quickly became a #1 best seller with unprecedented preorder numbers.

The new Spark Pearl features the same Auto-Chord and Smart Jam features as the original, but in a smooth pearl white Tolex finish. Alongside the BIAS Tone Engine, crammed with over 10,000 tones, the finish is complimented with contrasting gold piping and a matching white custom strap.

Now here's the important bit, Positive Grid will only be releasing a very limited quantity of the Pearl edition worldwide, so we understand that there might be a bit of virtual crush at the checkout. 

However, Spark Pearl won't be on sale just yet so you don't need to rush off right away. If you want more information and to make sure you'll be in the loop on when it does come on sale, then head over to the Positive Grid website.

Simon Arblaster
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