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Positive Grid celebrates its 10th anniversary with money off the Spark amp and the return of the Spark Pearl

Positive Grid celebrates its 10th anniversary with money off the Spark amp and the return of the Spark Pearl
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

It feels like it was just yesterday that guitar innovators Positive Grid burst onto the scene - well, we guess time flies when you're changing the face of guitar amplification forever. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary, the smart amp titans are offering a range of mega deals on the Spark amp and Bias Software, as well as bringing back the insanely popular Spark Pearl. 

At this point, pretty much everyone in the guitar community has heard of the Positive Grid Spark - most of us own one already - but in case you haven't, let's quickly go over this nifty little guitar amp and why it's so unbelievably popular. 

On the surface, the Spark may look like a standard 40-watt practice amp - albeit a small one - but it's far more than that. This state-of-the-art amp is powered by the highly revered BIAS tone engine and, when used in conjunction with the Spark app, becomes the ultimate practice tool. The Spark gives you the ability to recall around 10,000 tone presets at the tap of a screen, while the Smart Jam feature carefully analyses the notes you're playing, creating a backing track in a style of your choice. If that wasn't enough, the Auto Chord function will even tell you the chords of your favourite songs. It really is no wonder the Spark has inspired nearly 200,000 guitar players worldwide.

As well as great deals, the folks over at Positive Grid have also brought back the immensely popular Spark Pearl. This stunning version of the tiny practice companion has all the same features you know and love, but now in a dazzling white finish, with luxurious gold piping. We must say, we are certainly fans of this sleek look and are glad to see it return. 

Positive Grid Spark Pearl

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

But wait, there's more! In honour of a decade in the industry, Positive Grid is helping guitarists reconnect with their instrument and fuel their love of guitar with the new Ignite Sessions. This fun video series sees Positive Grid team up with various guitarists to bring you amazing content around getting more out of your electric guitar.

The first Ignite Session is brought to you by Instagram sensation and extremely talented session player Nicholas Veinoglou. "Don't Practice, Just Play: Get Better While Having Fun Playing Guitar" is all about a different approach to practice and having fun while you get better on the instrument. 

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