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Pitch Pilot gives you whammy bars for individual guitar strings

Vibrato systems typically bend all guitar strings at once - with the notable exception of the rarely-seen-these-days B-Bender - but the newly launched Pitch Pilot provides control over individual strings.

Taking the B-Bender concept several steps further, Pitch Pilot is attached to the guitar by feeding any guitar string through it, and up to six can be fitted for vibrato control over every single string - notes can be bent up by seven semitones or down by three.

Guitarist Tim Clarke has spent six years honing the device, and although it’s currently designed to be used with Les Pauls, he’s aiming to raise money to launch Tele and Strat-compatible models in the future.

Head over to Kickstarter for more info, where you can back the project for CA $75 (approx $60/£40/€50) to secure a Pitch Pilot.

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