On the radar: Teksti-TV 666

It’s hard to pinpoint the precise moment when the rock ’n’ roll establishment decided that two guitars in a band was quite enough, thank you, but it’s a mindset that persists to this day.

The objective is to sound as big as possible

Not everyone proscribes to these conventions, however, and Finnish rockers Teksti-TV 666 are one such band – rocking a minimum of 30 strings (yes mum: five guitars!) at any one point. “We decided to see how that many guitars would work in a band,” explains frontman Tero. “It turns out the more there are of us, the more fun we have!”

The magic of thinking big

The creative result is the sort of richly layered tapestry of distortion and Damned-style punk riffs that we want to wrap up and hibernate within.

“We try to all find our own place in the mix, mostly through EQ” explains Tero. “The objective is to sound as big as possible.” The plan is definitely working, though Tero says it best: “Like some wise man once said, when it comes to guitar, ‘More is more!’”

(Image credit: Kuva Markus Paajala)
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Matt Parker

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