Ohm Force makes legacy plugins available for free: Ohmicide, Symptohm, Ohmboyz and more

(Image credit: Ohmforce)

Software developer Ohm Force has announced that it will be discontinuing several of its most popular plugins. As a result, the legacy versions of eight Ohm Force plugins have been made available for free.

In fact, every plugin on Ohm Force's website, except for the Frohmager filter and Ohmboyz∞ delay, is now being given away for nothing. 

All plugins have been updated and will work on recent Mac and Windows systems, but they aren't compatible with Apple Silicon Macs. As they're now classed as legacy plugins, the software won't be updated as time goes on and you won't be able to receive support if you run into any problems. 

The full list of free plugins given away by Ohm Force is as follows:

  • Ohmicide - a multiband distortion plugin with 80 distortion models and advanced individual per-band controls
  • Quad Frohmage - a filter bank with four filters and an array of filter types (including comb, ring mod and a Moog emulation) onboard distortion and delay and serious modulation capabilties
  • Hematohm - a neat little frequency shifter
  • Mobilohm - a phaser with four phaser circuits divided into four frequency bands for separate treatment and tons of modulation options
  • Symptohm - an experimental granular synthesizer equipped with two oscillators, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator
  • Ohmygod - originally given away as a free download with Computer Music Magazine, this is a MIDI-equipped comb filter 
  • Predatohm - another multiband distortion with per-band compression, stereo widening and a creative feedback generator
  • Ohmboyz - a delay plugin with four pre-delays, two filters, onboard distortion and filtering

Not bad for a free download. If you're interested, all you've got to do is register for an Ohm Force account. All the plugins will run on Mac and Windows in VST/AU/AAX formats. 

Visit Ohm Force's website to find out more.


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