Welcome to the Qun show: mk2 mini synth costs just $155

It might look a bit ‘barebones’, but Nunomo’s Qun mk2 mini synth appears to have enough about it to make it interesting, particularly as it costs just $155.

Qun features an analogue modelling sound engine that’s compatible with the mk1 version. It doesn’t replicate any synth in particular, but does promise “advanced algorithms for great organic sound”.

The two oscillators also have FM and granular capabilities, and additional features include a filter, LFO and four envelope generators. You can also dial in an effect - delay, chorus or flanger - and multiple Quns can be stacked to create a polyphonic synth.

In comparison with the mk1, Qun mk2 promises plenty of sequencing and looping enhancements. The 8/16-step sequencer has four pages, meaning you can use up to 64 steps, and offers lots of creative features. These include randomness and probability options.

The looper, meanwhile, can be synced to the sequencer or externally clocked. It can capture around 30 seconds of audio for each recording, either from the internal sound engine or external audio. There are three tracks, each of which can have five scenes, and you can flip between them in a manner similar to Ableton Live’s Session View.

Other features include a built-in mixer and a MicroSD card slot so that you can store looper recordings, presets and granular samples.

Qun mk2 is available for pre-order now on the Nunomo website.

Nunomo Qun Mk2 mini synth

(Image credit: Nunomo)
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