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NI's Maschine Mikro Mk3 is the most affordable Maschine ever

We were thoroughly impressed with the Mk3 update to NI’s core Maschine controller when it arrived last year, and now NI is bringing some of that magic to its smaller sibling, Maschine Mikro.

The new version of Mikro gets an updated new look, matching the sleek matt black Mk3. The diminutive controller gains some of its counterparts coolest features, too. Most notable is the touchstrip which, again, can be used to control performance effects, record automation and trigger sounds. An overhauled layout and screen are designed to streamline the workflow for fast and fluid beatmaking.

Probably the most appealing thing however, is its price - at $249/£199 it offers a very affordable entry into the Maschine realm, and comes with a solid crop of samples, instruments and effects.  

Find out more on the Native Instruments website.

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