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Nintendo isn’t the only company making a cardboard musical keyboard

Just a few weeks ago, we’d never have guessed that cardboard musical keyboards were about to become a ‘thing’, but that’s precisely what appears to be happening. First Nintendo launches one as part of its new Labo platform, and then the Kami-Oto MIDI controller appears on Kickstarter.

This is a DIY kit based on traditional Japanese origami. It’s made up of a main board, silicon contacts and the cardboard keyboard itself, which you fold into shape. The unit connects to your computer or iOS device over USB (there’s also a Bluetooth option) and shouldn’t take more than about half an hour to build, apparently.

Find out more on the Kami-Oto Kickstarter page. A pledge of around £20 is required to secure the basic model, while the Bluetooth edition requires a pledge of around £26.