Universal Audio announces dynamic, condenser and modelling microphones, with a premium range also in the pipeline

Universal Audio microphones
(Image credit: Universal Audio)

Universal Audio is going to have to add a new drop-down menu to its website, because it’s just confirmed that it’s getting into the microphone game - and in a pretty big way, too.

Dynamic and modelling mics are incoming, with a condenser and a premium tube/solid-state range set to follow later this year.

Let’s start by looking at the Standard series, which contains the SD-1 dynamic mic and SP-1 condenser.

The SD-1 is a broadcast-style mic designed for close-mic’d speech, vocal and instrument recording. Available now for $379, it features a cardioid polar pattern and selectable low-cut and articulation boost switches.

The SP-1, meanwhile, is actually a pair of pencil mics that you can use to capture stereo acoustic instruments, drums and live performances. It’s designed to reject off-axis audio and background noise, and will be available in the summer priced at $499.

Both mics in the Standard series come with Apollo interface presets that are designed to give you a pro sound.

Next, we have the Sphere L22 Modelling Microphone, previously a Townsend Labs product. A large-diaphragm modelling condenser, this pairs a dual-capsule design - for stereo or blended mono recording - with mic modelling technology.

When used in combination with the UAD Sphere L22 plug-in, users can emulate the sound of 34 ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones. You can buy this one now for $1,499.

Universal Audio microphones

(Image credit: Universal Audio)

Last but almost certainly not least, UA has confirmed a premium line of tube and solid-state condenser mics to be designed and built by David Bock in Santa Cruz, California.

The so-called Bock series won’t be available until the autumn. We don’t know how much each model will cost, but you can expect the UA Bock 187 (a cardioid FET condenser microphone for vocals, instruments, and guitar amps), the UA Bock 167 (a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for vocals, acoustic instruments, drums, and voiceovers) and the UA Bock 251 (a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for lead vocals, choir, and stringed orchestral instruments).

Find out more about the new microphones on the Universal Audio website.

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