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Museum of Modern Electronic Music set to open in Frankfurt

(Image credit: MOMEM)

After being under construction for several years, Frankfurt's Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will officially open in October. 

MOMEM is said to be the first museum wholly dedicated to exploring the impact and legacy of modern electronic music, focusing on music produced in the past three decades and its wider influence on art, design, fashion and technology. 

The museum will offer visitors curated exhibitions, interactive experiences, and art installations, while providing a platform to artists for unique performances, live shows and club nights. The MOMEM Academy will host lectures, workshops and panels from influential producers, artists and DJs.

MOMEM's design is said to be inspired by electronic music, using 12" records, soundwaves and portable PA speakers as visual references that influence the design of the building's interior and exterior. Live performances from local and international artists will be available to stream on MOMEM's facade, with those passing by able to connect and listen via Bluetooth.

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music is scheduled to open its doors in October. Visit their website (opens in new tab) to find out more and donate to the museum - financial supporters will be rewarded by earning a place on MOMEM's "Infinity Disc". 

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