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New Motas-6 analogue monosynth brings flexible filtering options

A brand new analogue monosynth, going by the name of Motas-6, has landed and it promises much flexibility in the filtering and modulation department.

At it’s heart the Matos-6 features three oscillators, with mixable triangle, sawtooth, PWM/square waves, sub-oscillator, analogue phase modulation all available in a fully analogue audio signal path. 

Perhaps the biggest draw are the unit’s filtering capabilities. You are treated to two low-pass filters and a high-pass filter. First up is a 6-pole voltage-controlled low-pass filter with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation and selectable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-pole outputs. The second low-pass filter is off the 4-pole variety; a not too dissimilar design to the TB-303 with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation. Last, but not least is a 2-pole high-pass VCF.

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Other notable features on the Motas-6 include four CV/gate inputs and an external input which can be routed into the filter section. Alongside this are a multitude of modulation sources that include LFOs and envelope generators and we do look like the inclusion of the Oscilloscope and Spectrum-Analyser.

There’s currently no word on price, but it look like it will be available from Red Dog Music very soon. Head over to the Motas Electronics website for more information and audio examples.

Motas-6 specs

  • Purely analogue sound generation
  • 3 VCOs (mixable triangle, sawtooth, PWM/square waves, sub-oscillator, analogue phase modulation)
  • Noise source (white/pink)
  • External audio input
  • 3 VCFs (2 LPF with resonance, 1 HPF)
  • Flexible filter routing options
  • Lots of very high-resolution digital modulation sources (LFOs, EGs, MIDI controller, CV/gate input)
  • Analogue clipping distortion options
  • Save/load 100s of patches to internal memory
  • Oscilloscope and Spectrum-Analyser
  • MIDI/USB control
  • 4 CV/gate inputs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Pattern generator and sequencer
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