NAMM 2020: DW unveils three PDP Concept Select metal snares

PDP's new Concept Select metal (aluminium, bell bronze and steel) snares
PDP's new Concept Select metal (aluminium, bell bronze and steel) snares (Image credit: DW/PDP)

NAMM 2020: DW’s sister brand, PDP, has added a trio of metal snares to its Concept Select series. 

PDP’s Concept line always delivers some interesting additions, and this year is no exception. Aluminium has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to its characteristic dry, overtone-free sound. PDP has enhanced this by adding wood hoops to this 3mm seamless shell for additional warmth and focus.

Next up comes the PDP Bell Bronze Concept Select snare. Bell bronze has helped produce some of the best hard rock and metal snare sounds on record -  famed for its punchy hard rock sound that will cut through with power while maintaining its thick, heavyweight sound, and PDP’s seamless shell promises to deliver this. 

Finally, the PDP Concept Select Steel snare takes the sensitivity that steel is known for and combines it with plenty of definition to produce what could be the most versatile of the three.

Each drum shares the same dimensions (14”x6.5”), shell thickness and chrome hardware (True-Pitch tension rods and DW MAG Throwoff).

PDP Brand Manager, Rob Dean, explains, “The idea behind these laser engraved heavy duty 3mm metal snares is to try and give people a boutique style snare that sounds amazing, looks great but won’t break the bank.”

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