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NAMM 2018: Orange unleashes Brent Hinds Terror signature amp

NAMM 2018: Orange has announced a new take on its popular Terror amp series for Mastodon’s Brent Hinds.

The Brent Hinds Terror features two channels and a new gain structure: the natural channel has more bottom-end, while the overall gain sensitivity is higher to brighten up at lower levels and fatten up as it’s dialled in.

Check out our pre-NAMM hands-on with the Brett Hinds Terror, below

Power switching from 15 to 7, 1 and 0.5W is onboard, taking the EL84-fuelled output down to bedroom levels - there’s even a headroom/bedroom switch around the back of the amp.

It’s not just the tone that’s been redesigned, either; Brent’s distinctive facial tattoo appears on the front of the amp, while the Mastodon logo adorns the rear.

The Brent Hinds Terror is available now for £569/$749 - see Orange Amps for more info.

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