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NAMM 2018: Get delay, distortion and reverb effects direct from your acoustic guitar with the Pulse

NAMM 2018: Acoustic guitar innovation seems to be in the air this year, and newcomer Tonik Sound has served up an intriguing new offering with the Pulse, which allows players to get delay, distortion and reverb effects straight from an acoustic, with no modification, cables, delay pedals or amps required.

Attaching to an acoustic guitar via an elastic loop around the strap button, the Pulse modifies the vibrations within the body of the instrument to produce effects.

The accessory is designed with ease-of-use in mind, featuring four effects sliders for delay time, delay feedback, distortion and reverb, which are triggered via a palm switch that can be quickly accessed while playing. An indicator LED shows when effects are active.

Tonik Sound launches a crowdfunding campaign for Pulse on 12 March - head over to the company’s website for more info. In the meantime, we hope to get a closer look at this one come show time…

Other acoustic innovations announced so far for the show include HyVibe Audio's Smart Acoustic Guitar, which features a built-in speaker, multi-FX, recorder and amp; plus the OneManBand, which generates a backing band based on your playing and makes your guitar sound like any instrument.

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