MWM has begun shipping Phase, its long-awaited wireless DVS controller for DJs

MWM, the company behind Mixfader, has started to send out pre-ordered units of its Phase DJ controller

This wireless widget sits on your turntable of choice (it even has a hole to put the spindle through), and sends rotation and speed information to a receiver unit to transform scratches into data – and therefore something useable in your software of choice.

So the battery-powered remote unit can sit on top of your control vinyl, where it's locked into place with a sticker to keep things stable when scratching. The USB-powered receiver box can output its signal through two pairs of phono outputs or directly to your computer, to aid in using DVS software such as Serato DJ Pro.

Reports suggest that latency is very low, making Phase feel responsive. You don’t even need to have a turntable – Phase will respond to movements made with the vinyl in the air when it’s lifted off the platter.

Preorders for Phase – the product has been anticipated for a long time – should be shipping now. New orders are said to ship in late June. The Phase Essential package (£269.99) comes with two Phase remotes and a charger/receiver unit; the Phase Ultimate package (£449.99) adds two extra remotes to the bargain.

For more info, check out the MWM website.