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Mutable Instruments goes beyond the Clouds with the Beads Eurorack ‘texture synthesizer’

Mutable Instruments has introduced the Beads ‘texture synthesizer’ - a wholesale reinvention of Clouds, one of the most beloved Eurorack modules of all time. This promises to do “(most of) whatever a Clouds does (but better)”.

The fundamental concept is the same - to offer live granular processing of an audio signal - and the labelling on the interface will be familiar to Clouds users, too. However, Beads promises a crisper and broader sound palette, more control, better playability and new features.

Spec improvements include higher audio quality, a longer buffer, better interpolation and anti-aliasing algorithms and DSP blocks that run at a faster rate. Your granular processing can now explore the likes of formants, wavetables, hard-sync type sounds and crisper noise, too.

There’s a refined range of parameters, so you can enjoy the likes of reverse playback and percussive envelopes.

Beads is available now priced at $359/€299. Find out more on the Mutable Instruments website.

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