MusicRadar hands-on gear demos

Teenage Engineering PO-33 and PO-35

Swedish noisenicks, Teenage Engineering are back again with some new Pocket Operators. Both the PO-33 K.O! micro sampler and PO-35 Speak voice synth join the PO-32 Tonic to create the ‘steel series’ and utilise the same microphone featured on the Tonic. 

Yamaha CS-80

Joe Rossitter and Simon Arblaster go back to a time before MIDI and control voltages to have a little tinkle with one of the most revered and recognisable synthesizers of all time, the grand old CS-80.

Roland Boutique SE-02

After a slew of Boutique models utilising its own Advanced Circuit Behaviour circuitry, Roland has taken the diminutive synth format into analogue territory, albeit with the help of Studio Electronics.

Novation Circuit Mono Station

The general consensus is that the original Circuit is a fine instrument. So it was little wonder that Novation wanted to build on that success by expanding the family with an analogue monosynth version, which, we're sure you'll agree, is pretty darn fine too.

Elektron Digitakt

We take the Elektron Digitakt for an early spin, fresh out of the box, and check out some of the features of the latest sampling drum machine to come out of Gothenburg.

Pioneer DJ AS-1

The latest edition to Pioneer DJ’s collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, the Toraiz AS-1, gets a spell on the test bench.

Akai MPC Live

Taking the standalone theme much further with the inclusion of the lithium-ion battery, we take a look at the new features adorning the newest sampler on the block.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-32 Tonic

Here are our first impressions of the pocket-sized drum machine that hooks-up rather nicely to Sonic Charge’s MicroTonic drum synth plugin.

ROLI Blocks

Here we’re discussing ROLI’s smallest MPE device that takes their five-dimensional touch from the Seaboard range and crams it into a palm-sized controller.