Muse's Matt Bellamy teases new Manson Guitar Works Delorean replica in Back to the Future-inspired video

Manson Guitar Works Matt Bellamy DL-0R
(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

Matt Bellamy appears to be enjoying his role as The Boss over at Manson Guitar Works, as evidenced in a new video posted to the brand's social media channels where the Muse frontman/Manson Guitar Works majority shareholder teases a brand new guitar that looks to be based on his iconic Delorean model.

The video begins panning over a DeLorean car, displaying the famous DMC badge, before cutting to Bellamy dressed as Marty (Matty?) McFly clutching a guitar that looks suspiciously like his Manson Delorean. 

A quick sweep over the guitar reveals the pickup configuration - bridge humbucker and neck P90? Check. Controls where Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and MXR Phase 90 knobs should be? Check, check. Toggle kill switch and unmistakable aluminium-style silver finish? Yes indeed!

If that wasn't proof enough, let's skip to the next part of the video. Bellamy punches in 26/10/2021 into the Present Time menu on his time machine, nudging us to keep our eyes peeled next Tuesday. 

Above this, we can see the Destination Time - Feb 4, 2001, which lines up closely with when Bellamy was known to have first ordered the Delorean guitar from Hugh Manson.  

Manson Guitar Works DL-0R time machine

(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

Below, there's a display for Last Time Departed: October 29, 2016, which, if we cast our minds back is when we last saw a reissue of the Manson DL-1. Finally, with his guitar riding shotgun, Bellamy revs-up as we watch the speedometer reach 88 MPH, before we're given one final clue, this time the model's name: the DL-0R.

Manson Guitar Works Matt Bellamy DL-0R

(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

Of course, this being a potential replica of Bellamy's original, we're not expecting the prices to be set to 2001. We spoke to Matt Bellamy last year where he revealed plans to unleash no-expense-spared replicas of at least one of his early Mansons.  

"We might also start doing a really high-end, precise exact replica of one of my first Manson Guitars that I had made," Matt told us. "There’s two guitars that I regard as the two most special guitars that I’ve had, and they were made around about 20 years ago. It was around the time that Origin Of Symmetry came out and I first had enough money to have my own custom guitar. 

"So we’re thinking this year or next year to do a limited edition replica as a celebration. It would be exact - I’m talking sourcing the electronics from that period to go into the guitar, and all the mouldings and stuff so you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that one and my one.

"We might put together an experience where people could come down to the factory, see how things are made and meet the guys. Maybe I could be there lurking in the background or something, I don’t know!

"The two most special to me - the first one is called The Delorian. It’s one that i used on the first few tours with the band, and it has that metal, aluminium look like the Delorian from Back To The Future."

The DL-0R follows the announcement of the Manson Guitar Works KR-1, unveiled in June this year and inspired by another famous car from the '80s: Michael Knight's Knight Rider talking whip, KITT. We're hoping Matt Bellamy draws the line at Herbie, but for for those of us without a DeLorean, the wait for next Thursday is on. 

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