Moog keeps it in the family with DFAM analogue percussion synth

Moog has announced the first addition to its Mother range in the form of the DFAM analogue percussion synth. This ‘Drummer From Another Mother’ is designed to encourage a hands-on approach to pattern creation and can be used by anyone - whether they want to delve into the built-in patchbay or not.

DFAM is, unsurprisingly, a relation of the Mother-32 synth that was released in 2016. Its sonic story begins with a white noise generator and two analogue oscillators, before we move on to a Moog Ladder filter with low- and high-pass modes. There’s also an 8-step analogue sequencer that works with three analogue envelopes.

Moog says that DFAM behaves like a “living organism” that will respond differently to each person that uses it. This is a drum machine that encourages exploration and experimentation, we’re told, and rather different to other products on the market.

If you do decide to go deeper down the rhythmic rabbit hole, there’s a 24-point patchbay that enables you to create new sounds and sync with other DFAMs and Mother-32s. It also ensures that the device is Eurorack-friendly.

DFAM costs $679 and is shipping to dealers now. Find out more on the Moog website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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