Modbap Modular's Per4mer is a Eurorack effects module for ”DJ-style live improvisation” and the modular-curious

(Image credit: Modbap Modular)

Modbap Modular has unveiled the Per4mer, a compact, (14HP) stereo effects-enabling Eurorack module offering a quartet of performance effects alongside compression and colour.

Per4mer features a Doppler-style delay, reverb, Glitch and Tape Stop. You can run all of these at the same time, have them momentarily engaged or latched individually. It can used by in the studio but, as the name suggests, the module is really designed for performance and live improvisation, and as such its fascia is straightforward and tactile. 

There are four translucent mini-arcade buttons for launching the effects manually, with four external gate inputs for remote triggering. Meanwhile, four rotary controls across the top of the module control and four CV (control voltage) inputs are on-hand for adjusting effects parameters. 

Per4mer is a dope sound design tool as much as it is a dope performance effects module

Corry Banks

Per4mer has two mono inputs that can be paired for stereo. It can be used as a standalone effects unit or buddy it up with other modules. There is tap tempo, a clock input, and the compression has external side chain input.

There's also plenty of scope for tailoring the processing effects. You can adjust the compression's attack, rate, threshold and release. The Color processor offers four pre-effects textures as presets – Classic (12-bit), LoFi (8-bit), Saturation, and Wax (vinyl simulation) – and it is what Modbap Modular designer and founder Corry Banks describes as the Per4mer's “special sauce“

“It adds so much mojo and attitude,“ said Banks. “I lose time just enjoying processing audio through it and creating soundscapes to sample. Per4mer is a dope sound design tool as much as it is a dope performance effects module!”

Per4mer is priced $399 and is available to preorder now.  

(Image credit: Modbap Modular)
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