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Mixland’s freeTilt! is a free EQ and saturation plugin with just two controls

Mixland freeTilt!
(Image credit: Mixland)

Mixland and Kiive Audio have taken the guts of their Tilt EQ plugin and packed them into a super-simple free one: freeTilt!

Offering just a single Tilt knob and a Grit fader, this is a passive tilt-shelving EQ with an adjustable vacuum tube output stage that promises “a delicious and usable sound”.

The Tilt knob offers fixed high and low frequency Tilt point at 100hz and 12kHz, with EQ movements feeding directly into the tube circuit and influencing the amount of drive and distortion.

As you might expect, it’s the Grit fader that controls the amount of tube saturation; this can range from subtle warmth to “sizzly clipping”.

On top of this there’s a nice photorealistic interface that’s inspired by Mixland founder Jesse Ray Ernster's LA mixing studio. Those monitors in the background are designed to look like the Strauss Elektroakustik MF-4s, in case you’re interested.

You can download freeTilt! now on the Mixland (opens in new tab) website. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. 

Ben Rogerson
Ben Rogerson

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