Make your Minimoog synth plugin feel mighty real with the 001:model D MIDI controller

Delta MIDI Minimoog controller
(Image credit: Delta MIDI)

The Minimoog is the most famous synth in history, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most frequently emulated in software. If your plugin isn’t giving you the authentic hands-on experience that you crave, though, maybe you’d like to try the 001:model D, a new MIDI controller from Delta MIDI that promises to offer a 1:1 recreation of the classic Minimoog interface.

Designed to work with the likes of the Arturia Mini V, Native Instruments Monark, UAD Minimoog and GForce Minimonsta, the 001:model D features 21 analogue potentiometers, six six-stage knobs, 15 toggle switches, two lever switches and three LED indicators. That’s 44 controls in total.

There’s also a sync button that will instantly transfer the settings, and a map button that enables you to change the MIDI channel and MIDI CC (among other things) to ensure maximum compatibility.

001:model D can be powered over USB  and will be open-source, making it hackable. It’s based on the Arduino platform.

Delta MIDI Minimoog controller

(Image credit: Delta MIDI)

Available in black with gold-plated lettering, the 001:model D features three layers of fibreglass reinforced laminate and an additional sheet layer of aluminium. It’s Eurorack-compatible and hand-assembled in Poland.

The 001:model D is currently on Kickstarter, with early-bird prices starting at £159/€188 and having an estimated delivery of November 2022. 

Further details are available on the Delta MIDI website.

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