Mike Portnoy steps in to bag Indonesian drummer Deden Noy a new kit from Tama and Sabian

In 2020, Indonesian drummer, Deden Noy began uploading videos of himself performing drum covers by Dream Theater, Rush, System Of A Down and more. However, Deden's videos have gained massive traction with over  unlike the hoards of slick-shot YouTube drum covers out there, Deden's are performed on a makeshift, homemade drum kit. 

The videos spread far and wide, with one viewer, Renen Sanchez setting up a crowdfunding page in order to help buy Deden a proper kit. However, after the crowdfunder failed to reach its $1000 target, Mike Portnoy has stepped in to go one better with the help of Tama and Sabian.

Portnoy took to social media to announce that with the help of his endorsers, he will be furnishing Deden with a brand new kit and cymbals. 

"Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten HUNDREDS (maybe even thousands?) of DM’s, messages, texts, tags etc from people all around the world sending me links to @dedennoy playing a lot of my songs on his homemade kit." he wrote on Instagram.

"His talents are indeed incredible and I am in the process of arranging to get him a new kit & cymbals with the incredible support from Tama and Sabian. We’ll keep you posted..."

He followed with "While I appreciate all the happy comments, just as much credit needs to go to the great people at Tama and Sabian [Portnoy's drum and cymbal sponsors] for supporting my idea. In fact, it’s them that will have to deal with the “heavy lifting”. And now everybody can stop sending me the links too!"

Subscribe to Deden's YouTube channel to check out more of his drum covers.

Stuart Williams

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