Mesa/Boogie launch CabClone IR and IR+ cabinet simulators

If the Strymon Iridium has piqued your interest in trading up or starting to use cab simulations to play direct live or recording, Mesa/Boogie has more good news for you with it new CabClone IR and IR+ Cabinet Simulators.

The caveat of course is that you're a fan of Mesa cabs as the unit offers 16 of them, along with a Built-In Reactive Load. The IR+ model also provides a power attenuator.

 This expansion of the CabClone series is primarily designed for tube amp players who need or prefer to go direct for recording or stage use.

(Image credit: Mesa/Boogie)

Like the feature offered by last year's Suhr's Reactive Load IR, the on-board Reactive Speaker Load is an especially useful feature to simulate the effect of mic'ing a real cab in your signal chain.

The CabClone IR PLUS's built-in power attenuator offers the added flexibility for guitarists to dial in their favoured amp power level for their chosen volume in any venue they're in – whether that's a gig, home or studio. 

(Image credit: Mesa/Boogie)

Both CabClone IRs come pre-loaded with Mesa cabs that have been captured in two ways using a combination of ribbon, dynamic and condenser mics. They are:

• 4x12 Recto Standard
• 4x12 Recto Traditional
• 2x12 Recto Horizontal
• 1x12 Recto
• 1x12 Thiele
• 2x12 Lone Star
• 1x12 Lone Star 23 

(Image credit: Mesa/Boogie)

For more info visit Mesa/Boogie

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