Mastering your music couldn't be easier with the new LANDR Mastering Plugin and it's almost $100 off over at Plugin Boutique

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Mastering is an essential element of the music-making process. Adding that all-important, release-ready shine to your final mix, mastering engineers bless your tunes with a touch of character, presence and sonic vitality, often through the use of expensive outboard gear or advanced software tools. 

These days though, more and more of us are opting to do this ourselves, either by getting stuck in and learning how to master music at home, or by taking advantage of one of the many auto-mastering platforms that have launched in recent years. By far the most popular of these is LANDR, a service that uses AI mastering algorithms to automatically master any track you run through it. 


Just a few weeks ago, LANDR released its first plugin, putting its AI mastering engine into your DAW for the very first time. In our opinion, this is a great move, and we find it much easier than uploading tracks to LANDR's browser-based service; simply place the LANDR Mastering Plugin on your master bus, run your final mix through it and tweak the settings to taste, and you're ready to go. We've given the plugin a run for its money and can confirm it does an excellent job with everything we've thrown at it. 

If you're curious about finding out what LANDR Mastering Plugin can do, there's no better time to pull the trigger, as Plugin Boutique has slashed the price by almost $100 in its Cyber Monday sale. 

LANDR Mastering Plugin: was $374,  now $282

LANDR Mastering Plugin: was $374,  now $282
LANDR's new Mastering Plugin is a modern marvel. Running in real time on your mix bus, the plugin's AI-powered algorithms analyze your mix to deliver three unique professional-grade masters, each of which is individually sculpted to suit your track's dynamics and sonic character. Choose between these three options - Warm, Balanced and Open - or further tweak the final product using a number of intuitive controls that includes loudness, EQ, compression, saturation, presence and more. 

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