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Computer Music 283
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Computer Music issue 283 (July 2020) features just about every nugget of advice you need to create a track, from start to finish. There are 212 tips for everything including using synths and creating beats, recording your instruments, mixing and arranging a track, even creating the studio space to do it all in! 

Free Loopmasters Loopcloud CM worth £34.95!

If that massive batch of tips doesn’t make music production easy enough, there is also an exclusive Loopmasters Loopcloud offer worth £34.95 to audition Loopcloud and make assembling tunes as easy as child’s play! CM runs through how you can use the software to manage your audio, with a free 1.5GB pack of Loopmasters samples and 300 points to spend on more to get you going!

Sampling hat trick!

On the DVD (or available to download) there’s two all-new Synth Atmosphere sample packs, ambient, tech and vocal samples from Loopmasters and Mode Audio plus a massive pack of industrial samples from the mighty CM Vault!

Make Music now!

There are also all-new tutorials and videos for Logic and Cubase, and an exclusive look at Universal Audio’s new LUNA DAW which is reviewed alongside some amazing software and hardware from the likes of Best Service, Mercurial and Kali Audio. 


Finally, there’s a massive 10-page feature and video on drum n bass maestro Sub Focus who breaks down his excellent Bladerunner-inspired track, Solar System, plus chat with synth pioneer John Foxx and collector of pioneering synths and producer extraordinaire Benge

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