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Looks like time’s up for desktop MIDI controllers with the MidiWrist Apple Watch app

With the ability to turn your Apple Watch into a wireless MIDI controller, Midiwrist utilises the watch’s digital crown with haptic feedback to control any Core MIDI app, or device.

There’s not been much in the way of music-making tools for producers on the Apple Watch and MidiWrist looks to address that, with what looks to be a simple, but possibly effective solution to wrist-based MIDI control. 

The makers of the app state that, for best performance, the Apple Watch Series 4 or later is recommended, but there’s currently no word on when MidiWrist will be available on the App Store just yet.

MidiWrist works with CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, Network MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and Physical MIDI Devices through a supported MIDI hardware interface.

More details can be found on the MidiWrist website.


  • Four knobs can be controlled with the digital crown
  • Knobs can be controlled individually or simultaneously
  • Knobs can be linked to preserve their offsets
  • Four buttons can be toggled by tapping the Watch
  • Program changes through the digital crown or by tapping the Watch
  • Optional haptic feedback for all Watch interactions
  • Optional value display on the Watch
  • Configurable colors for all knobs and buttons
  • Configurable MIDI channels and CC numbers
  • Save your configurations to documents for easy retrieval
  • Advertise as a Bluetooth MIDI device
  • Connect to other Bluetooth MIDI devices
  • Monitor the last MIDI values on the iPhone
  • Low latency and fast response
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