Labor Day Deals 2021: Check out the 13 best musical instruments and equipment on sale now with up to 30% off!

Donner Labor Day Deal 2021
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Sure, this summer was a scorcher, but fall is shaping up to be a hot one as well. Football season is about to kick off, Halloween candy will soon be filling the aisles of big-box stores and, if you’re looking to get your hands on some awesome new instruments and gear, now’s the time to check out these hot early Labor Day Deals from Donner. And keep in mind – shipping delays are likely to only increase, so stock up on this great gear now!

Why Donner? Over the past decade, the international musical instrument and accessories brand has built a name as one of the most respected manufacturers of everything from high-quality and affordable guitars and basses to speakers, microphones and effect pedals, with nearly 100 million customers and fans all over the world. 

Which is no surprise, given that Donner is dedicated to providing high-quality musical instrument brands for professionals and music lovers, relying on an international team and nearly 10 years of experience in the professional audio industry. 

For this special Labor Day deal, Donner has selected its 13 most popular musical instrument products. From September 6-8, customers can get 20% off all products by using the code: laborday20.

Additionally, customers who have placed an order on on September 1-5 will receive a 30% off discount when they reorder during the event from September 6-8 using the code: Laborday30.

Delivery time limit is 3-5 working days with the unit price of the product higher than $200, and Donner provides a free extended warranty for one year.

You can check out all the great gear from Donner below. 

DDP-80 88-key weighted home digital piano with triple-pedal (20%-30% off)

Donner keyboard

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The DDP-80, as a single tone electric steel, has a perfect original piano sound. The sound source uses advanced intelligent sampling technology, sampled from the sound source of the famous French piano, and adjusted to perfect sound balance. The electric steel package is equipped with a triple-pedal (Soft / Sostenuto / Sustain Pedal), which has the same function as a grand acoustic piano. The DDP-80 adopts a brand-new home-style design, which is very suitable for home practice. At the same time, it is easy to install, small in size and easy to store. In addition to being an excellent product that can replace a real piano, it is also a great choice for gifts.

DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano (20%-30% off)

Donner keyboard

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The DEP-20 digital piano with furniture stand is convenient for people who practice at home or play indoors. Features include 128 polyphony, 200 rhythm and 238 premium tones, and full-weighted hammer keys for more sensitive touch response to your playing. The high-quality zinc alloy three-pedal piano stand features sustain, soft pedal and sostenuto. Whether you’re onstage or in a room, you can play your favorite music through headphones (6.35mm) and amplifier, and the powerful speaker system is designed to envelop the listener, audience and room with rich, detailed sound. 

Eastar EP-120 Beginner Digital Piano 88-Key Weighted with Touch-sensitive screen with Sustain Pedal (20%-30% off)

Donner keyboard

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The EP-120 electronic piano is equipped with 88 standard keyboard keys and built-in full-range stereo speakers, with simple electronic plug-in operation. Intelligent tone resonance mimics the sound and feel of a real grand piano, and the innovative intelligent touch-sensitive panel enables beginners to quickly master correct piano techniques.

Features include MIDI Connected Function and Diverse External Interfaces for greater compatibility, and the back of the piano has a MIDI USB interface (type B interface, to be purchased), through which you can connect external devices such as tablets and apps on your phone for smart teaching or self-learning. It can also be connected to music editing software (DAW) on your computer for music creation and recording.

DED-200 electronic drum set (20%-30% off)

Donner drums

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The DED-200 features 225 sounds, more stable iron metal support, 5 drums and 4 cymbals, electronic drums, audio cables and drum sticks. The kit utilizes French DREAM's sampling technology to record the sound of real instruments. 

The drums are constructed of delicate 8-inch all mesh and the cymbals are injection-molded from a specified material that delivers shock vibration to the sensor. Custom sensors have high sensitivity, dynamic response and anti-interference characteristics. The steel drum stand is steady and safe, and there’s an accurate and balanced performance experience between the drumhead and the drum edge via the dual-trigger technology of years of commissioning by experienced engineers. 

Additionally, the DED-200 can connect your computer or MP3, and you can use your headphones to practice your favorite songs without making noise. 

DTC-100S 39-Inch Electric Guitar Bundle (20%-30% off)

Donner guitar

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The DTC-100 electric guitar bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Bundle includes a Donner DTC-100S electric guitar, a good quality gig bag, a guitar strap and cable. The guitar boasts a solid poplar wood body with fine arches, chrome tuner keys, good quality nickel plated steel strings and a PVC pickguard. Additionally, Donner uses only the highest-quality straps and cables. 

White Tape Stereo Tape Delay Transparent Boost True Bypass Pedal (20%-30% off)

Donner White Tape

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One of Donner's hottest-selling new products, the White Tape is an analog circuit stereo tape delay pedal that realistically emulates the sound of legendary tape echo machines. White Tape provides the warm and organic tape delay sound and keeps decay of echo as natural as possible. 

The stereo delay pedal boasts highly sensitive knobs for controlling delay, level, time and feedback for each channel. Users can adjust the delay effect on both sides separately by switching the knob of the corresponding channel. Features include two independent delay channels and controls that offer your tone a sense of space and substance in a stereo setup, and the pedal provides the sought-after timbre of the original tape echo machines, complete with “wow” and “flutter” effects and authentic bass drop-off on the repeats. 

There’s also an analog dry signal path, true bypass switch and a maximum delay length of 1000ms to suit most kinds of guitar playing. Perfect for synthesizers, guitars, drum machines and more.

Noise Killer Noise Gate Pedal (20%-30% off)

Donner Noise KIller

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The Noise Killer has long been one of Donner’s best-sellers, and now the super easy-to-use smart noise gate pedal with two noise reduction modes is available at a lower, more killer price. For most scenarios, set it to SOFT mode; if you need stronger noise reduction, set it to HARD mode. Features include easy control and wide flexibility, and a noise reduction degree of -70 10dB. The fast noise detection and smooth attack/release keeps everything quiet without affecting the notes you’re playing.

DA-10 Mini Guitar Amp Small Electric Guitar 5W Portable Amplifier (20%-30% off)

Donner DA-10

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The DA-10 is an innovative and portable 5-watt mini amp featuring special circuitry designed to produce a warm distortion similar to that of a retro British head tube with a slight graininess. Built-in rechargeable battery allows for play for roughly 4 hours. Master, bass, treble and gain controls plus a punch in Crunch/Clean button give you full control over your sound.

Additionally, the special sound cavity spatial design allows the DA-10 to produce a more dynamic and detailed sound than other mini electric guitar amplifiers.The design of the dual sound unit makes the high frequency sound more delicate, and the middle frequency sound more stereoscopic and sweet.

Moukey MAMP1 Bluetooth Power Amplifier System (20%-30% off)

Donner Moukey

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The Moukey MAMP1 is a professional karaoke amplifier with multiple functions. It boasts a powerful thrust of 220 watts peak power, excellent audio processing chip, monitoring function, dual microphone jack, USB, SD card and FM one-click search channel function. Enter the FM mode for the first time, and press the AUTO key to realize one-key search frequency. CH- and CH+ controls adjust the upper and lower frequencies, respectively. With easy usability and versatile features, the Moukey MAMP1 is the first choice for home karaoke, desktop amplification, music monitoring and teaching scenes.

Moukey MAMP3 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier (20%-30% off)

Donner Moukey 2

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The Moukey MAMP3 power amplifier might be small but the four-channel high-power unit boasts a peak load power of 110W each channel. There is also independent anti-serial technology, so that the channels will not interfere with each other.

The MAMP3 can also read external USB and SD card devices (MP3 format below 32G) and can easily loop playback. And in order to increase the entertainment of the MAMP3, Donner has added two microphone interfaces, microphone volume adjustment and mixing mode, which increase the fun of singing karaoke.

Moukey Mts10-2 Plus 520 Watt Outdoor Portable BT Connectivity Karaoke Speaker System (20%-30% off)

Donner Moukey 3

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The Moukey Mts10-2 Plus is a high-power, ultra-portable sound system including a built-in subwoofer speaker, an integrated amplifier, and wireless easy-pair technology. The immense 160W dynamic power amplifier fused with a robust 10-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, allows for rich, vibrant and lifelike sound that is guaranteed to get the party moving. The rechargeable Portable Voice Amplifier is ideal for everything from karaoke and parties to meetings, seminars, guided tours and more. 

The Mts10-2 Plus features a direct and simple multi-function console, convenient for adjusting sound effects, microphone effects, mode switching and other operations at any time. Additionally, colorful lights make for a more enjoyable karaoke experience.

Moukey M20-1 Bookshelf Speakers (20%-30% off)


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Inspired by Moukey's instant monitor speaker series but redesigned for audio enthusiasts, the versatile Moukey M20-1 bookshelf speaker boasts a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, a 5.25-inch powerful low-frequency unit and an adjustable front-end bass port, providing higher treble, open midrange and surprising bass response, all in a handcrafted wooden enclosure. The intelligent crossover helps handle audio signals and eliminate low noise and interference from inferior audio equipment, and the speakers are designed to produce a wider range of dispersed sound no matter where they are placed. They can be used as front or rear speakers in a home audio setting, and the five-way binding posts provide a range of safe options of wiring. 

The rear panel of the M20-1 can be conveniently hung up, and you can use the speakers to 

build a simple karaoke system with a microphone and a power amplifier (head to the Moukey Store to purchase) for even more family entertainment.

Moukey M20-3 Passive Bookshelf Speakers (20%-30% off)

Donner speakers

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These Moukey M20-3 speakers are equipped with 5+2+1 speakers of different sizes to interpret different sound frequencies, with higher treble, open midrange and surprising bass response. The come in a handmade high-quality wooden enclosure, and the smart crossover skillfully processes the audio and eliminates the inherent low noise and squeaking interference of inferior audio equipment. The M20-3 Bookshelf Speaker is designed to produce a wide range of dispersed sound simply and clearly no matter where it is placed. They can be used as front or rear speakers in a home audio setting, and the five-way binding posts provide a range of safe wiring options. Additionally, the M20-3 speakers can be used with most home theater receivers, stereos or home theater processors.

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