NAMM 2024: Korg updates its Gadget music production software and plugin suite with new gadgets, effects and VST3/AUv3 support

NAMM 2024: Launched in 2014, Korg's Gadget was initially a music-making app for iPads, but in 2017 Korg introduced an identical version for macOS, before releasing Korg Gadget VR, a virtual music production studio for VR headsets, in 2023. 

This week, Korg has unveiled the third iteration of its Gadget software. The platform is comprised of a number of individual music-making devices (called gadgets) that span everything from synths and drum machines to audio and MIDI effects. Gadgets can be used in the iOS or macOS apps or launched within your DAW as plugins; Gadget 3 introduces VST3 and AUv3 support for this purpose. 

Gadget 3 features two new gadgets that round up the total to over 40. Santa Ana is a rhythm guitar software instrument and Sydney is a looper and sampler made for importing lengthy samples and manipulating loops. Gadget's stable of effects has been revitalized with a new UI and expanded with the addition of an 8-band EQ, transient shaper, stereo imager, pitch shifter and "auto-pumper", which we assume is a ducking effect. Check out the full list of gadgets here.

The new version of the software also features a redesigned Gadget Browser for quickly and easily finding the right sounds, and a Genre Select feature that helps you get started on making a track by providing a preset selection of gadgets and stock loops and phrases that are suited for working in a number of different genres. Gadget's Play page has also been revamped with an easier-to-use scale menu that makes arpeggiation and chord entry more intuitive.

In addition to the Gadget 3 apps, the software is also available as a plugins-only package that includes the standard bundle of gadgets and all of the gadgets based on the Korg Module iOS app, ELECTRIBE Wave, iM1, and iWAVESTATION, ready for use within your DAW. 

Korg Gadget 3 is available now for macOS, iOS, Meta Quest 2/Pro and Nintendo Switch. The iOS app is priced at $19.99, the macOS version is $249 and the plugins-only package is $149. 

Find out more on Korg's website.

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