KHDK and Behemoth’s Nergal announce LCFR: The Second Coming, promising a “more brutal” take on the his signature high-gain overdrive/boost pedal

KHDK LCFR: The Second Coming
(Image credit: KHDK Electronics)

KHDK Electronics and Behemoth frontman have teamed up once again for a limited edition run of his signature boost and overdrive pedal, LCFR: The Second Coming.

As per KHDK’s wont, these will be limited edition artist tie-ins, with only 333 units being made, so you’d best skedaddle over to place an order, with the high-gain drive pedal shipping by the year’s end.

LCFR (pronounced ‘Lucifer’ because this is something that is going to be used for extreme metal), is hand-made in Prague, and arrives in a White Chocolate enclosure, and offers a twist on the original LCFR, adding a mids control – that smaller white dial in the middle – and marking it Sulfur on the pedal because, once again, we are speaking in the patois of metal guitar.

I wanted KHDK to create LCFR: The Second Coming as a more brutal version of the first and KHDK made it more diabolic than ever


Other controls include a Nox low-frequency dial, Lux for your high-frequencies, Ignis controls input gain, while Summa controls overall output.

KHDK has some tips on how to use these controls. Turn up Ignis for more breakup, more compression in more extreme settings. Okay, that makes sense. Turn down the bass on the Nox dial can tighten up your sound on low tunings. 

But this is a gnarly pedal for gnarly sounds, so it also comes with a warning: the pedal is loud, and the key to getting the best out of it is to remember that it operates as a boost also and finding the sweet spots between its volume and gain controls. 

This sounds like just the thing for those looking to push their tube amp, or for stacking with some other drives and building a gain structure and an electric guitar tone that would do justice to the Behemoth back catalogue. 

“I wanted KHDK to create LCFR: The Second Coming as a more brutal version of the first and KHDK made it more diabolic than ever,” says Nergal.

LCFR: The Second Coming can be run via a pedalboard power supply at 9 or 18v, the latter giving you more clean headroom. It is true bypass, with a pair of amber lights glowing when active. Priced $249, it is available for preorder. See KHDK Electronics for more details.

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