The ultimate thrash metal pedal? Anthrax's Scott Ian demos his new signature KHDK JSL Amp-and-Boost

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No production slight-of-hand here, folks – just Scott Ian in a corridor thrashing out the Anthrax War Dance riff to prove just how close his new KHDK JSL Amp-and-Boost pedal gets to the tone he used on the band's first six albums.

It's a redesigned take on Ian's previous KHDK Sgt D signature pedal "to give you even more clarity and metal". And this 'Zero G package' is another limited edition – just 333 will be made. Which seems a bit mean. Hopefully more editions will follow.

"Little known fact: back in 1984, while creating Anthrax, I was recruited for an elite intergalactic combat force," reveals Ian, in absolute seriousness. "My superpower was looking insanely good in floral bermudas, as has been immortalised in the leaked render from one of my most epic battles. To honour this stage of my life, I’ve decided to share my trusted weapon with a few of you chosen."

Scott Ian

(Image credit: KHDK)

It's a two-in-one pedal with Boost and Amp sections. The Boost section works as a pre-distortion EQ control and includes the circuit of an 'iconic booster pedal' Scott used in the early days of Anthrax and S.O.D – it was TC Electronic Booster Distortion. 

It's $249.99 and for more info head over to KHDK Electronics

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